How to Make the Best Out of Your Winter Break

We’ve all been looking forward to the winter break, but if we don't use our time wisely, it’ll pass in no time. What should we do to make the break longer and more beneficial?

How to Make the Best Out of Your Winter Break

December 20, 2023

Winter break: We’ve all been looking forward to it since school started. Whether you celebrate this season’s holidays, namely Christmas, Kwanzaa, or New Year’s, kicking back and enjoying the joyous spirit is something we can all enjoy. Students spend their school breaks very differently from each other. With school being out, we all have at least eight extra hours during each day—that can be used for activities of varying intensity. Some may focus on resting up and enjoying the (ideally) decreased stress, while others take their break as an opportunity to achieve goals and make progress in a boot camp-esque study routine. However, the answer isn't just the sole focus. The key to success is balance, and the same applies here: By balancing and organizing all the things you want to do, you can have a more productive and successful break.

Here are some ideas of these things you can focus on throughout the break!


Our ability to be successful in what we do throughout the day is heavily rooted in how well we take care of ourselves. Though many become overwhelmed during the school year, winter break is a perfect time to recuperate before the new year begins. Ways to self-care include:

  1. Get enough sleep. Being well-rested is incredibly important for your energy, focus/attention, and mental and physical health.

  2. Spend some time reflecting. Despite sounding unproductive, it can be extremely beneficial for your psyche to allow moments of relaxation and clear-mindedness. You can do this just by reflecting, but may also use meditation as a substitute.

  3. Get some exercise. Staying physically active is also crucial for your mental and physical health, and we do it to some extent every day. It will make you feel productive and elevate your mood during your time at home. When you travel to and from school, you are being physically active. However, engaging in more exercise now that you are at home is a great choice for your health, so as to make up for the extra exercise you've missed out on. If you don't have access to a gym to exercise, that is alright; turn to YouTube guides for at-home exercises instead.

There are many other specific things you can do to take care of yourself, but these are some general guidelines. As long as you're staying healthy and feeling good, you are caring for yourself.


As it is the holiday season, festivities surround us, and though it's important to keep up with responsibilities, it's just as important to have some fun. Spending time with your friends and family is a great way to enjoy life and bond with each other. Gather, relax, catch up, and engage in activities with one another. In the holiday spirit, you can watch holiday-themed movies such as It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) and other classics. A more interactive option is playing nostalgic games, such as Monopoly, Battleship, Pictionary, or Uno.

We can also take advantage of the consecutive days off to try something new. If you have new skills or hobbies that you have wanted to pursue, now is your chance.

Set New Year's Resolutions

Generic as it may seem, setting resolutions for yourself may come with many benefits. Consider all the things you would like to change or improve this year. As you think of them, list them and then order them in terms of priority. Afterward, create a plan for yourself: How can you reach each of these goals? By breaking up each big resolution into pieces and goals, it becomes easier for you to keep up with these aims. It is helpful to set approximate dates for each of these parts in order to keep yourself in check. Being aware of your deadlines and goals is an effective motivating factor. Having it all written down helps keep you organized, so even with much to do, you will be aware of your workload.

Keep Up With Your Classes

Staying productive in terms of academics is also vital. The winter break lies right before the end of the first semester, meaning that you still have time to fix your current grades and wrap up any loose ends that you face. If you're finding that you struggle in certain classes or are behind on work, you can use the break to recuperate these issues before it is too late. Studying and sifting through your coursework is also beneficial for studying for finals, which tend to be given in the weeks following our return to school. Shortly afterward, our second semester and the January regents will begin, so make sure to study in preparation for these as well. You can list out the subjects, topics, and exams that you need to study for. Then, divide these tasks throughout the week and dedicate a few hours a day to completing them. Think of the new semester as a fresh start, even if your classes or teachers are the same.

By making the most out of your break and taking care of multiple aspects of your life, you will be able to bounce back from any difficulties you've faced and prepare yourself for the second half of the school year. Happy holidays to those who celebrate, and enjoy the break!