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The Beauty of Band

Being in a band at Madison has its perks - unrelated to getting credits

The Beauty of Band

Updated: August 30, 2023

August 30, 2023

Do you want to form close relationships and bond with people that share your interest all whilst doing what you’re passionate about? If that sounds like something you would be interested in, band is a great elective for you. Here at Madison, students have the opportunity to join a beginning band and progress into a symphonic band. Beginning band counts as an elective, while bands like mixed ensemble are after school activities. Band is an especially good class to take as a freshman since you usually don’t know anyone as a first year student. In beginning, intermediate, concert, and symphonic band, students can choose between playing percussion or wind instruments like the trumpet and trombone. There are annual winter and spring concerts that allow both teachers and parents to celebrate the hard work their children put in over the course of two semesters - they also, however, count as finals for the class. 

Each band class consists of time before the warm up to tune your instrument, the actual warm up that the class does together, and the remainder of the class that focuses on the repertoire for the concert. Warm ups are usually the scale (in e major), and the songs practiced and played for the concerts are typically upbeat. Speaking from experience, being in band helped me enjoy being in the limelight on stage because I had a support system around me with reliable, talented conductors. It also taught me how to drum and forced me to tap into my sense of rhythm.