The 2023 Alumni Association Senior Awards Application

Due March 31—apply for the James Madison High School Alumni Association’s senior scholarships!

The 2023 Alumni Association Senior Awards Application

Updated: March 08, 2023

March 08, 2023

Seniors—college is around the corner. Although the year seems to have just started, it is soon coming to a close. Financially preparing for college is important for success. The James Madison High School Alumni Association is offering awards to seniors who stand out in one or more of a multitude of scholarly categories. These awards from James Madison Alumni Association’s awards are granted by some of Madison’s most accomplished alumni.

Students may visit this link to apply.

The application requirements include:

Students can apply for the following awards:

The Aldo F. Luca Catalyst ‘37 Award: a graduate continuing on to college, showing leadership skills and has done something tangible that made a positive difference in the school or the community (field of study, student government, civics, etc.)—$1,000.

Howard Feldsher ’63 Award: A graduate who has overcome significant challenges—for college or trade school—$6,500.

Dr. Lawrence Z. Stern ‘57: Academic Achievement and a demonstrated need for financial assistance—$5,000.

Suzanne Osterweil-Weber ’57: A senior going to college who has been an inspiration/role model to others—$500.

Dr. Allen Hyman ’51 Award for Musical talent: Instrumental or composing—$500.

In Honor of Howard Feldsher Award Given by His Friends Class of 1963: A student who has achieved despite learning difficulties and is going on to college—$2,500.

The Wayne L. Goldner M.D. ’70 Award: For excellence in Math and Science will be awarded to 2 graduating students who will be attending college and demonstrate financial need—$750 award in each subject.

In Memory of Arthur Fried Award Given by His Friends Class of 1959: A graduate with all around good grades, who needs financial assistance to achieve the dream of college—$4,000.

In Memory of Matthew Sadi 2015: A graduate who has a passion for and excels in Mathematics and would benefit from financial assistance—$1,000.

Award Given by Paul Oliveri ’83 NYPD, A 9/11 Cancer Survivor: An essay on how you think 9/11 affected your family or your community—$500.

The Alumni Association is also offering the following awards:

Thelma Kaplan Stevens President’s Award for Scholarship and Citizenship: $1,000.

Jane Castorina Gordon President’s Award for Outstanding Educational Leadership: $1,000.

Sandra Goldberg Roche President’s Award for Academic Achievement: $1,000.

Richard Kossoff Alumni President’s Award for Civic Leadership: $1,000.

Martha Weinstein Alpert President’s Award for Achievement Under Extraordinary Circumstances: $1,000.

The offered subject-based awards include the following:

School Service: $1,000.

Social Studies: $1,000.

English: $1,000.

Political Science: $1,000.

Computer Science: $1,000.

Science – Chem, Bio, Physics: $1,000 in each category.

Scholar Athlete: $1,000.

RBG Award: Outstanding in Moot Court, Mock Trial, Debate—a student who plans to go on to college as pre-law—$1,000.

Applications should be emailed to Marty Weinstein Alpert at