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Madison's Open House

Open house: clubs, Houses, and all of the other opportunities for middle school families.

Madison's Open House

Updated: December 13, 2022

December 12, 2022

Madison’s open house was a fantastic opportunity for prospective Madison students and their families to learn more about our school and find what piqued their interest. Didn’t get the chance to attend? Here’s what you missed!

The open house had a lot to offer, ranging from clubs and sports to houses. Students and coordinators presented their houses in the library, while club leaders and their advisors were in the cafeteria. Families also got to learn about the kinds of classes and programs that Madison offers.

On November 1, middle school students and their families came from local schools like Bay Academy to those that are farther away, like Lenox Academy in Canarsie.

As families entered the building, they were greeted by performances from Madison’s various bands.

In the library, the LAM House gave information to the families. LAM stands for literature, arts, and music—all areas which students will take classes in, from ceramics classes to guitar and band.

“It’s a great choice for anyone with a creative or artistic spirit,” said Ms. Stephanie Ketcher, the LAM House coordinator. “It was a pleasant surprise to see how many families showed up.”

The Academy of Finance, another House at Madison, prepares students for careers in finance with a curriculum that covers entrepreneurship, banking and credit, economics, and more.

“It’s great for anyone who wants to work with money,” a finance student said.

Students in this House take electives in financial planning, accounting, and financial services.

Also in the library, the IT House showed off its electives, such as robotics, principles of IT, and more, with over 350 students in the program. The coordinator is Ms. Sara Spiegel, who said that the House has been around since 2007. The IT House has many opportunities for internships and extracurricular activities that serve as a great resume-booster and is an exciting choice for students that are interested in technology.

Madison’s most well-known program may be the Law Institute.

“It was great to have an open house in person again,” said Mr. Joseph Monteserrato, one of the two coordinators, “It was nice to be able to answer questions from families in person. I expected a smaller turnout, but it was great to see that so many Brooklyn families have an interest in Madison.”

Students in the Law Institute take a wide variety of classes like Constitutional Law and Moot Court, with opportunities for many extracurricular activities, competitions, and trips.

Families were able to learn about Madison’s numerous clubs over in the cafeteria. (Specific information about clubs can be found on Madison’s website.)

One of these clubs is the Medical Club, one for students who may want to explore careers in the medical field. The club is open to all students, regardless of what house they are in. Whether you desire a career in nursing or are not sure what you want to do, the Medical Club is a great option, with around 35 like-minded students.

The Spanish Culture Club is an excellent choice for anyone of Hispanic descent or people who would like to learn more about their culture. The club advisors, Ms. Janeth Puma and Ms. Nicole Loretta, encourage students to join.

“[The Spanish Culture Club] gives the community exposure to rich Hispanic culture and celebrations,” Ms. Loretta said, “We were pleasantly surprised with how many students were interested in our club.”

The Finance Club may also be a good choice for everyone. The student representatives urge financial literacy among other useful life skills.

“We can teach you how to make your money work for you,” Rivkah H., one of the representatives, said.

The club is a great resource for all students; everyone will have to deal with money at some point in their lives, and the earlier you learn, the better.

A group of eighth graders from J.H.S. 278, more commonly known as Marine Park, said that Madison seemed promising to them. “It’s a very big school,” One student said, “I almost got lost trying to find the cafeteria.”

When prompted with the question, “What do you think of Madison so far?” People offered a generally positive response.

“There’s so many clubs,” Another 8th grader said, “I wish I could do all of them.”

Most parents were impressed with the number of extracurricular activities and elective courses available to students. Visitors took interest in all sorts of clubs, like the Chess Club, the Video Game Club, and a number of others.

Principal Jodie Cohen also had something to say about the open house. When prompted about her thoughts on how the event was going, she said, “It’s phenomenal.” The only thing that she would do differently is to “have a bigger building” so that more families could visit! “I’m so proud of our community and how far we’ve come,” she added. The futures of the incoming freshmen are looking bright!