Madison’s Fall Clean-Up!

Students gathered outside to spruce up the Madison area for this fall season.

Madison’s Fall Clean-Up!

Updated: December 10, 2022

October 23, 2022

With the fall season upon us, the FFA (Future Farmers of America) club gathered its students in Madison’s front garden to help clean up and give the building’s facade a fall touch-up.

The FFA club strives to support agricultural education by helping students develop technical, leadership, and problem-solving skills. To meet this end, students formed groups and collaborated on various tasks around the building, such as replacing the old rotting garden beds, uprooting trees, and replacing dying plants with new ones. Various decorations were placed around the school’s entrances to spread the fall pumpkin spirit. While the objective of this event was to help take care of and refresh Madison’s front porch, students were also able to reunite with their friends, many of whom they had not seen over the summer.

Club Statement

The campus clean-up was an important part of solidifying ourselves as it was the first year Madison officially launched the FFA club. More importantly, we wanted to foster growth in our community by coming together and enhancing a part of our school we see every day: the schoolyard. With the help of our club members and students, we worked together and learned about the importance of growing, building, and maintaining our yard and why agricultural education is a skill to have.

A successful uprooting of an enormous tree.

Students dug up patches of foundation for planting.

Students shoveled plant hay bales and replaced old garden beds.

The campus clean-up was a great time for our community to band together and help make our school look wonderful. Everyone was laughing and helping each other replace the dirt and planters. Even though we got dirty, we had a good time. -Jodi, Class of 2023

A miniature pumpkin house outside of the Quentin Road school entrance.

If you are an environmentalist, care about the environment, or are just interested in the work of the Future Farmers of America club, you can attend its meetings on Thursdays in room 307.