Senior Year > Grades?

How Senioritis Affects Everyone

Senior Year > Grades?

June 20, 2022

“Senior” is a big word for everyone.

One may take it pridefully, while others may take it as any other year. You are in the fourth quarter of graduating and you just want to get school over with. However, senior year is not a year to slack off; I happen to be one of many students who fell for this trap. Once in it, it is difficult to get out. Many have heard of the term, “senioritis.” Senioritis is also known as a “burnout,” specifically for high schoolers during senior year. It is the year when we all believe we are heading towards independence and adulthood. Prom, senior trips, colleges, other incentives are edging closer than you think. Some may even experience burnout before their senior year. Burnout is what you would describe as exhaust, boredom, lack of interest, sleep deprivation, procrastination, hobbies, graduation, etc.

Senioritis may be temporary, but it can become a consistency and slowly develop into a lifestyle.

Here at Madison, there are approximately 870 students in the senior class of 22’, with the graduation rate approximating to be 89%. We use Naviance to determine both our overall grade-point averages (GPAs) and class ranks. Have you noticed a change in your grades throughout your high school years?

Remember to always keep up with your grades even if you have already been accepted into colleges; you never know if they can rescind your acceptances. Remain at the top of your class and balance your social life with your academic life. Your mind will thank you.