The Backrooms

The Backrooms are an urban legend and a creepypasta, a horror-related legend that has been shared around the internet.

The Backrooms

Updated: May 25, 2022

May 15, 2022

Have you ever felt, by just looking at an eerie image of a room, with a specific wallpaper, and an old carpet, that you had been there before? Perhaps the feeling is of familiarity, resulting from the Mandela effect of emotions created by the media. These terrifying, yet as some say – comforting images, are called The Backrooms.

The Backrooms are an urban legend and a creepypasta, a horror-related legend that has been shared around the internet. They are those exact rooms you may be thinking about, with poor lighting that illuminates a yellow tinted glow, the old moist carpets, the endless amount of rooms, full of emptiness, and the sound of constant buzzing. “This haunted room, paired with its inspiring description, caught the intrigue of thousands. Users began to discuss how the room felt familiar to them. Many claimed to have entered the Backrooms via dreaming, evoking a fearful nostalgia.”

The Backrooms are triggered in your mind by images shown on the internet; many, however, say that they have actually encountered one in real life. But in theory, entering the Backrooms is connected to Noclipping.

Noclipping is often present in video games, where a player could cause a disruption in the video games code, allowing the player to do what they want freely—walking through walls, etc.

However, the term Noclipping has a slightly different meaning when relating to the state of our minds; it is more oftenly used when talking about escaping reality into a different dimension. It places your mind in an alternate universe, and its purpose is to question your current one.

The Backrooms conspiracy has existed for quite a long time, and it has been built upon. Some say that in your own Backrooms, you are not the only one that exists there, rather there are entities that can mimic human-like figures building upon the horror aspect of the creepypasta.

The only way for one to escape these Backrooms is far too complicated for the mind; it is the acceptance that they exist. However, it is extremely difficult to accept such a theory when the internet creates multiple instances of it and uses it as a way to terrify people – specifically teenagers, who spend countless hours on social media. What was meant to be a joke in May of 2019 became a theory that often messes with peoples’ psychological being. So, if you find yourself encountering a post with a familiar yellow based room, don’t be afraid—that is the sole reason that the Backrooms were created!