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Madison After-Hours

Updated: January 12, 2023

May 01, 2022

This article was co-written with Eve Becker.

Interested in joining a club? Want to know more about what goes on after 10th period? Here are some of the clubs offered here at Madison that may peak your interest, whether you're passionate about math and logic or you're happiest when creating works of art!

Art Club

One of the clubs offered here at Madison is the Art Club, which meets every Monday in room 216. Usually, it runs until 4:30, with a wide variety of activities ranging from sketching to digital art and everything in between. 

“The environment is very chill,” Lorelai P., a club member, says.

“Everyone is friends.” The club advisor is Mrs. Gaske, an English teacher who supervises and plays a TV show on the smartboard. “Sometimes, she’ll [Mrs. Gaske] give us a challenge, something to draw that we don’t normally do.” 

When asked why they joined, club members had a lot of different reasons. One student joined to improve their art, another one joined to simply “chill out and draw.”

“I draw everything,” Another member named John W. says, “I started this year.”

The Art Club has been running since the fall of 2021 and has a presumably bright future.

“In the future, maybe we’ll have more art supplies, like paint. And more members, too,” Lorelai says. 

Overall, the club is a safe space for any aspiring artists, and all are welcome; it is ultimately a place to relax and develop your skills.

Drama Club

Do you like acting and improv? Or perhaps you have the urge to let your inner theater kid out? Drama Club might be for you!

The club advisor, Mr. Lasher, is also a math teacher here at Madison. The club started in fall of 2021 and has been going strong since, meeting every Wednesday in room 434. Currently, the club meets with a special guest from the Roundabout Theater and occasionally even goes on Broadway trips.

Normally, the members of the club do a wide variety of activities, such as improv, skits, acting games, and a lot more.

“I love how I can actually be myself at Drama Club and feel welcomed. The people make me love the club, and I can finally say that I have found my outside family.”, one member of the club says,

Another member, Dante, says, “I can see this club probably making a lot of plays overtime.” He likes the club because of the one-on-one activities with his peers and the “crazy antics” that take place.

The Drama Club is open to all students, whether you’ve been acting since you were young or you simply want to have some fun.

Math Club

Run by Ms. Casey, a math teacher, the Math Club meets every Tuesday in room 431.

One member of the club, Angela W. says, “We generally do math riddles and other activities like Kahoot, Cool Math Games, etc.”

If you’re struggling with math, this club is for you! Ranging from extra help in the subject to challenging math problems, the Math Club is a wonderful addition to the array of clubs offered here at Madison. The club was made in the fall of 2021, and Angela hopes to see “...the club thriving, if we have more members.”

She also says, “I like how I can receive help in case I’m struggling with math subjects. We could really use more members, only 1-3 people show up each meeting, so we’re a very unpopular club at the moment.”

The Math Club welcomes all and shows promise toward making math fun.

Finance Club

Money—it’s one of the most valuable and coveted things in the world, but how on earth can you earn enough and save enough? That’s a question that the Finance Club can answer. Every Thursday in Room 424, students gather with advisor Mr. Flanders to learn about the stock market and how to be financially responsible, while having fun playing games of Kahoot and doing other activities.

One student, Michael Y, says he joined because he wants to be a business attorney after he graduates.

“I’d tell people to join if they want to know how to manage money or prepare”, he says.

The club advisor, Mr. Flanders, took over in the spring of 2021. He has a background in business and says it was “way up his alley.” He recommends the club to anyone, adding that it has a very “communal” atmosphere.

During the most recent club meeting, students watched a video that taught them skills for adulthood when it comes to handling money. There were discussions explaining how to open a savings account, the dynamics of a bank, staying out of debt, creating a Roth IRA, and more. The club also has an Instagram page.

Finance Club MeetingFor those who are interested in financially preparing for the future through college and beyond, the Finance Club will help you be smart with your money and prosper!

Overall, Madison offers a multitude of different clubs, many of which might be right for you. Try them out!