The Impact of Sports on Students

Joining a sports team is a great way to make friends, get involved in the community and develop your sportmanship/athletic skills.

The Impact of Sports on Students

Updated: May 10, 2022

April 28, 2022

Sports and athletics have always been a major aspect of the “classic” high school experience. Teen movies feature them, college scouts search for athletes, and students build their lives around them. Athletics have served as an escape for countless students, and it can help them discover a love for sports that can even lead to the pursuit of a professional career in the field. Especially in high school—a pressure-filled environment; playing sports can instill valuable lessons, such as being humble, supporting others, and learning to appreciate criticism, all while developing physical skills.

Here at Madison, where 43 PSAL (Public Schools Athletic League) teams are offered, all students are encouraged to partake in sports. Extracurriculars are not limited to sports, however; students who prefer leadership positions over athletics are provided opportunities to manage teams as well, and some even take on both roles simultaneously—being a player and a manager. All of these experiences let you dip your toe into each sport, and define feelings for the different branches of athletics.

In my experience as a high school student, I’ve been able to participate in two different sports just this year; in the fall, I was on the Swim Team coached by Mr. Mobilia, and now in the spring, I am the player/manager of the Junior Varsity Softball Team coached by Mr. Ryan. Being on a team with all of these opportunities taught me how to balance multiple activities, allowed me to learn how to take and use constructive criticism, and introduced me to dozens of new friends, with whom I have created long-lasting connections.

Sports can also encourage students to do well in academics, for you can only be on a team with steady grades and a strong scholarly standing. Good grades are prioritized when on a team, and support systems provided by coaches, other students, and especially committed staff such as the Athletic Director, Mr. Dumont, ensure that you remain on track (pun intended). Being an athlete doesn’t decrease your workload; it teaches you how to better handle it. Even if you play sports for only a semester, you retain the skills of balancing homework and practice – such skills are valuable for the rest of your life.

At the recent Academic Athletes Awards Ceremony, where students with the highest average from each team were recognized and rewarded, our Principal, Mrs. Cohen, spoke about how athletes are ambassadors of Madison; they travel to other schools, play opposing teams on behalf of our school, and represent Madison in the public. Mrs. Cohen explained the importance of student athletes portraying Madison as a respectful and responsible place with positive role models in the sports world.

Overall, the large variety of sports played in Madison are an amazing attribute of our community, and the impact on students is rewarding. With dozens of teams to choose from, every student has an opportunity to excel in athletics and discover a new passion for sports. Sports in Madison play a huge role in numerous students’ lives, and we’re thankful for them.