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The Madison Naps Account

The Madison Naps Instagram account has entertained thousands of students

The Madison Naps Account

Updated: April 14, 2022

April 10, 2022

@jmhs.naps on instagram has caught the attention of thousands of students across Madison. Why? The account posts pictures of students sleeping in school, some in absurd positions and circumstances.

Since September, it has accumulated over 1,000 followers and is still growing. The account consists of pictures submitted by students, usually of their friends. Excitement fills these student when they see their friends or themselves on the page. Students can get creative when “taking a nap”, in ways such as sleeping on a staircase.

@jmhs.naps isn't the only account that is run by students and features the school’s name. Recently, an account for seniors to promote their college acceptances (@jmhs2022.decisions) has popped up. Seniors send pictures of themselves with the college that they got accepted to. Comments under these posts represent a community that is full of support for their peers.

However, these accounts have been met with opposition by school administration. The school does not want its name or image to be featured on non-official accounts. The identity of the owner who runs @jmhs.naps remains anonymous.