The Madison Institute of Technology

The Madison Institute of Technology has created opportunities for students with various skills in the field of computer science.

The Madison Institute of Technology

Updated: May 05, 2022

March 25, 2022

Madison Institute of Technology, or MIT for short, is a club that has created opportunities for students to learn a variety of computer science concepts. Throughout the past five months, the MIT Club has provided learning experiences such as creating websites, automations, designing 3D models for printing, APIs, Arduino microcomputer and electronic constructions, and soon to come: laser cutting and engraving.

The leaders, Michael DeJesus and Ron Vasserman, formed the club in December and have plans to continue it in the upcoming school years. Their goals for the club are to entice students with all ranges of interest in technology, and expand their knowledge. Skills taught in the club are essential in the 21st century, and will prove to be beneficial in a multitude of future careers for our generation. One of the topics taught to club members is web development. Web developers can receive salaries up to $200k or more a year. For those who are willing to pursue their interests in the field, the impact of the MIT club is substantial.

Madison has a motto—“What’s Next?”. This phrase is a common pondering of the club’s leaders. “What’s next for our club?”, “How can we work to improve our club?”, “What subjects will benefit our members in the real world?”. All of these questions are the core of the MIT club, with the ultimate goal of advancing students’ interest in STEM.

During the club fair last November, MIT presented the impact that technology has had on our society. They exemplified products such as revolutionary computers, automated robotics, and artificial intelligence. “All of these items have changed the ways of which our society functions and runs. We communicate and keep ourselves informed with the help of technology” said a representative of the club. The advancement of America and the world is “dependent” on Generation Z’s ability to understand and innovate technology.

The club fair has since attracted over 50 students to join the MIT club.